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Invasion in Santiago de Cuba
Photos of Cuba - 2006 Gallery
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Invasion in Santiago de Cuba.
This is not just any invasion.
It is the Invasion of Santiago de Cuba
opening the famous carnival.

The Invasión of the Conga.
On July 15, 2006 came out the Conga of Santiago de Cuba.

Don't get lost on me now: A “conga” is a musical group that will participate on the Carnival Parade (Desfile del Carnaval). This musical group is from a traditional part of town. Many of them have participated in the Carnival for decades, generations passed on to generations. All of them know where the other congas live and who they are. Some are friends, others are rivals, and many ignored until the day of the Invasion.

The “Invasion” is considered the beginning of the Santiago de Cuba Carnival. It is when the congas go visiting each other to “challenge” to carnival. We do not have it quite clear how the Invasion starts, all we know is that a conga goes to visit another conga. Then the second conga joins the first one to go and visit a third one; which also joins. And it keeps on going and going, all the congas joining, until all are visited. The Invasion is called this way in honor of the Cuban patriots that fought for Cuban independence; and from what we gather, it is also referred to as the Conga of Santiago de Cuba.

As the Invasion carries on in Santiago de Cuba.
Rhythms, drums and fun in the legendary city
of Santiago de Cuba

Invasion of sticks and beating to those out of line.
Some will remember the fun the whole year
others, will need the whole year to heal.

The Carnival is officially on!

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