Free Zone of the Port of Municipio of Matanzas, Matanzas, Cuba

Free Zone of the Port of Matanzas, Cuba. Flag of Cuba.

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“Free Zone of the Port of Matanzas”
Municipio of Matanzas
Cuban Cities, Towns and Places

Front cover of Free Zone of the Port of Matanzas.
Front cover of Free Zone of the Port of Matanzas

“To the Reader”

“By reglamentary command, the Council of Administration of the Free Zone of the Port of Matanzas, (Republic of Cuba), publishes this volume, in which is inserted the legislation concerning the creation, organization, finalities and commercial and industrial benefits of that Official Institution of the Cuban State. Furthermore, is included explanatory works concerning the topographic position of the port of Matanzas; its proximities to the principal commercial and industrial centers of Europe and America; and the facilities and means of transportation, etc., to give the reader a full and perfect comprehension of the purpose for which the Free Zone of Matanzas was created.

“The Council of Administration of the Free Zone of the Port of Matanzas, cordially invites the reader -and very especially the foreign reader- to dedicate his learned attention to the reading of this book; likewise, they offer him all kinds of complementary information, which might prove useful to his business or the posibilities of their extention to the Cuban and American market, by means of this Institution, only by writing to "The Council of Administration of the Free Zone of the Porto of Matanzas, Republic of Cuba."

“We wish to state our best aim to give all facilities and to guarantee the inversion of foreign capital to establish business companies and commercial societies in Cuba, or to the establishment of branches from foreign companies, with the outmost security in the success of their business.”

Entrance to the Free Zone of the Port of Matanzas.
Entrance to the Free Zone

“Port of Matanzas”


“Situation. -Port on the north coast of Cuba, Lat.: 23' 2' 50" N. Long.: 81° 37' W.

“Entrance. -This port, open to the northward, is an inlet about five miles long and two and three fourths miles wide. The water is deep up to 400 feet shore and in the fairway, depth is over 600 feet. Vessels of the deepest draft can be accommodated.

“The mountain range of Pan de Matanzas, overlooking the port on the West, serves as an excellent guide. Eastward of the port and approximately seven miles inland, are the Tetas de Camarioca, with three distinct summits. Morrillo Castle and Peñas Altas Fort are prominent and unmistakable and are good marks for standing in.

“Lights and Signals. -Punta Maya light, flashing white, 58 feet above high water, is visible 13 miles.

“Punta de Guano Light, on the northwestern portion of the entrance, flashing white, visible several miles.

“A fixed light is exhibited from the northwestern side of the port. Another fixed red light, visible three miles, is also exhibited from the Customs Docks.

“Tidal Variation. -From 2% to 3 feet.

“Anchorages. -The best anchorage is in 24% feet to 42 feet inside La Laja shoal. La Laja is a shoal about 150 yards in width by 350 yards in length. The least depth of water on the shoal is 10 feet. The northern end of La Laja has about 9 or 10 feet of water; it is marked by a black can bouy. A red nun bouy marks the eastern extremity.

“Steamers frequently anchor in about 24 to 40 feet of water northward of Bajo Nuevo. Bajo Nuevo is a shoal about 200 yards in extent; the central part of which lies about 750 yards, 150 from San Severino Castle flagstaff.

“Good anchorage has been obtained in about 96 to 102 feet of water outside of Bajo Nuevo. A black painted bouy marks the northern end of Bajo Nuevo.”

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