Mangas in Artemisa, Cuba

Mangas in the Municipio of Artemisa, Pinar del Rio, Cuba. Flag of Cuba.

Municipio of Artemisa
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Municipio of Artemisa
Cities, towns and places of Cuba

Houses in Mangas, Municipio of Artemisa. Photo 2008.
Houses in Mangas, Municipio of Artemisa

Mangas is a town in the Municipio of Artemisa, by the Central Highway (Carretera Central) between the cities of Artemisa and Candelaria.

This town was seat of government of its own municipio; established on January 1, 1879, and suppressed by the government of the First American Military Intervention in Cuba (1899-1902). During the Cuban War of Independence (latter becoming the Spanish American War when the United States joined) the town of Mangas was burned by the Cuban forces.

According to the Census of 1943 it had a population of 87 people, the Census of 1931 shows 187 people. The estimate for 2002 was 1,602 people.


1. In some references the name of the town is “Las Mangas”; the census we have consulted show it as “Mangas”.

2. In the Municipio of Bayamo, Oriente, there is a town named “Las Mangas”.

Tree in Mangas, Artemisa. Photo 2008.
Tree in Mangas, Artemisa

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