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Cayajabos, Pinar del Río, Cuba. Flag of Cuba.

Municipio of Artemisa
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Municipio of Artemisa
Cities, towns and places of Cuba

Park of Cayajabos, Artemisa, Cuba, 1944.
Park of Cayajabos, 1944

The town of Cayajabos is located in the Province of Pinar del Rio. By road it links to Cabañas to the north and to Artemisa about four kilometers to the south. Although at present this town is not one of the main centers of mayor population, it is one of the oldest settlements in the region and at one time it was of considerable importance. For part of the second half of the 1800's it was the seat of government of its own municipio.

To the north of Cayajabos are the hills Sierra del Rosario. On these hills, not far from the town, are the Charco Azul springs, which at one time were considered a health spa good for the relief of the pains caused by rheumatism.

History of the town of Cayajabos: In 1573 it was granted the corral (farm or extend of land not too big) of San Diego de Cayajabos to Francisco Núñez. It was at the center of this corral, and next to the river also named Cayajabos, where the town was later established. It is documented that the town already existed in 1798 since it was on that year that the building of the catholic church was authorized. Dedicated to San Francisco Javier the church was elevated to parish in 1863, by that year the building had already been reconstructed.

In 1875 Cayajabos had two schools and in 1891 it had four schools for boys and one for girls.

The town was burned at the beginning of 1896, later it was reconstructed.

Municipio of Cayajabos: As a result of the Pact of Zanjon, by royal decree on June 9, 1878, the island of Cuba was politically divided in six provinces (before this adjustment it was divided into three departments: Occidental (Western), Central, and Oriental (Eastern)); at this time the region of Vuelta Abajo (in the Departamento Occidental or Western Department) became the Province of Pinar del Rio. The same decree divided the province in 25 municipios. One of those municipios was the Municipio of Cayajabos, classified as second class, under the jurisdiction of the Municipio of Guanajay.

During the First American Military Intervention in Cuba (1899-1902), by Military Order 93 of February 27, 1900 the Municipio of Cayajabos, as many other of the smaller municipios in Cuba, was suppressed. The two barrios, Pedernales Primero and Pedernales Segundo (some authors refer to them as Jobo Primero and Jobo Segundo), were integrated into the Municipio of Artemisa, becoming the Barrio of Cayajabos of this other municipio (the Census of 1899 shows the Barrio of Cayajabos already integrated into the Municipio of Artemisa).

Population of Cayajabos: The population of Cayajabos in 1841 was 435 people. In 1860 it had declined to 228 people. In the Census of 1931 the estimate was 541 people and in the Census of 1943 it shows 775 people. The estimate for 2002 was 1,551 people.

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